2tec2‘s commitment to sustainability aligns our business strategy with todays social and environmental targets. This commitment is embedded in our day-to-day operations and the outcome is revealed in the sustainable products we manufacture. 

Sustainable manufacturing is an ongoing process of improvement, a process we will forge on in the future and that is essential to our core values.

2tec2 floorcovering is woven in Belgium with the greatest care for material sourcing. It is manufactured by a socially engaged team with a focus on quality, environment, health and safety.




We invest in renewable energy. Today 2/3 of our electricity is generated by solar panels. Our target is to produce our own green energy for our entire electricity consumption.  Ongoing improvements on energy efficiency will further decrease our environmental footprint. 


Waste is not only found in production processes but also  in transport, inventory, motion, idle time, over-processing, overproduction and defects. Vertical integration of our manufacturing processes reduces drastically our transport costs , inventory and other energy greedy processes. As vinyl is a thermoplastic product, it can be recycled again and again. We recycle a part of our own vinyl waste during extrusion. The balance is sold and recycled in other PVC products.


  • 2tec2 flooring contributes to your BREEAM and LEED project certification and is A+ certified. 
  • 2tec2 doesn’t contain heavy metals and is REACH* compliant. 
  • 2tec2 uses plasticizers in accordance with the latest European regulations and recommendations. 
  • 2tec2’s woven top-layer is 100% phthalate free. 

PVC is a thermoplastic made of 57% chlorine (derived from industrial grade salt) and 43% carbon. It is less dependent than other polymers on crude oil or natural gas, which are nonrenewable, and hence can be regarded as a natural resource saving plastic, in contrast to other plastics which are totally dependent on oil or gas.

*REACH is a regulation of the European Union, adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals.