Building Information Modeling (BIM)

To meet our clients requirements we are continuously expanding our range of technical documents and improving our online tools. We are pleased that our products are now also available as Building Information Modeling (BIM) objects.

Architects and designers have quick access to complete and detailed BIM objects, containing all technical specifications and product descriptions required to simulate the behavior in 3D renderings.

We are offering BIM objects in REVIT 2015 and ArchiCAD 19 format.

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andromeda-tiles andromeda-tiles
Andromeda - Tiles
andromeda-rolls andromeda-rolls
Andromeda - Rolls
asteroid-tiles asteroid-tiles
Asteroid - Tiles
asteroid-rolls asteroid-rolls
Asteroid - Rolls
atmosphere-tiles atmosphere-tiles
Atmosphere - Tiles
atmosphere-rolls atmosphere-rolls
Atmosphere - Rolls
aurora-tiles aurora-tiles
Aurora - Tiles
aurora-rolls aurora-rolls
Aurora - Rolls
black-hole-tiles black-hole-tiles
Black Hole - Tiles
black-hole-rolls black-hole-rolls
Black Hole - Rolls
corona-tiles corona-tiles
Corona - Tiles
corona-rolls corona-rolls
Corona - Rolls
equinox-tiles equinox-tiles
Equinox - Tiles
equinox-rolls equinox-rolls
Equinox - Rolls
fireball-tiles fireball-tiles
Fireball - Tiles
fireball-rolls fireball-rolls
Fireball - Rolls
neptune-tiles neptune-tiles
Neptune - Tiles
neptune-rolls neptune-rolls
Neptune - Rolls
orbital-tiles orbital-tiles
Orbital - Tiles
orbital-rolls orbital-rolls
Orbital - Rolls
pulsar-tiles pulsar-tiles
Pulsar - Tiles
pulsar-rolls pulsar-rolls
Pulsar - Rolls
quasar-tiles quasar-tiles
Quasar - Tiles
quasar-rolls quasar-rolls
Quasar - Rolls
supernova-tiles supernova-tiles
Supernova - Tiles
supernova-rolls supernova-rolls
Supernova - Rolls
titan-tiles titan-tiles
Titan - Tiles
titan-rolls titan-rolls
Titan - Rolls
zenith-tiles zenith-tiles
Zenith - Tiles
zenith-rolls zenith-rolls
Zenith - Rolls
zodiac-tiles zodiac-tiles
Zodiac - Tiles
zodiac-rolls zodiac-rolls
Zodiac - Rolls
coffee-bean-tiles coffee-bean-tiles
Coffee Bean - Tiles
eclipse-tiles eclipse-tiles
Eclipse - Tiles
juno-tiles juno-tiles
Juno - Tiles
moonless-night-tiles moonless-night-tiles
Moonless Night -
moonrock-tiles moonrock-tiles
Moonrock - Tiles
nebula-tiles nebula-tiles
Nebula - Tiles
orion-tiles orion-tiles
Orion - Tiles
planet-tiles planet-tiles
Planet - Tiles
bazalt-rolls bazalt-rolls
Bazalt - Rolls
bister-rolls bister-rolls
Bister - Rolls
canyon-rolls canyon-rolls
Canyon - Rolls
conch-rolls conch-rolls
Conch - Rolls
diamond-rolls diamond-rolls
Diamond - Rolls
dolomite-rolls dolomite-rolls
Dolomite - Rolls
flint-rolls flint-rolls
Flint - Rolls
gritstone-rolls gritstone-rolls
Gritstone - Rolls
iron-rolls iron-rolls
Iron - Rolls
lava-rolls lava-rolls
Lava - Rolls
opal-rolls opal-rolls
Opal - Rolls
quartz-rolls quartz-rolls
Quartz - Rolls
rebel-rolls rebel-rolls
Rebel - Rolls
sponge-rolls sponge-rolls
Sponge - Rolls
topaz-rolls topaz-rolls
Topaz - Rolls
canyon-tiles canyon-tiles
Canyon - Tiles
diamond-tiles diamond-tiles
Diamond - Tiles
iron-tiles iron-tiles
Iron - Tiles
lava-tiles lava-tiles
Lava - Tiles
burlwood-rolls burlwood-rolls
Burlwood - Rolls
desert-rolls desert-rolls
Desert - Rolls
limestone-rolls limestone-rolls
Limestone - Rolls
chromite-grey-rolls chromite-grey-rolls
Chromite Grey -
chromite-grey-tiles chromite-grey-tiles
Chromite Grey -
morion-brown-rolls morion-brown-rolls
Morion Brown - Rolls
morion-brown-tiles morion-brown-tiles
Morion Brown - Tiles
magnetite-grey-rolls magnetite-grey-rolls
Magnetite Grey -
magnetite-grey-tiles magnetite-grey-tiles
Magnetite Grey -
obsidian-black-rolls obsidian-black-rolls
Obsidian Black -
obsidian-black-tiles obsidian-black-tiles
Obsidian Black -
ammonite ammonite
dune-rolls dune-rolls
Dune - Rolls
oyster-rolls oyster-rolls
Oyster - Rolls
sandstone-rolls sandstone-rolls
Sandstone - Rolls
steel-rolls steel-rolls
Steel - Rolls
arid-rolls arid-rolls