2tec2 ‘Seamless tiles’ carpet tiles combine the best of two worlds: the elegance of carpet with the ease of use of carpet tiles: easy to install and  replaced in case of damage. They are ideal for installation on raised access flooring.

Carpet tiles from 2tec2 are designed for a long and intensive use thanks to the innovative materials they are made of: glass fibre coated with vinyl. Thanks to this unique composition, this modern flooring is resistant to wear, waterproof, stain resistant and fulfills the highest European quality standards.

For high traffic locations, 2tec2 delivers all of the advantages of woven vinyl - durability, hygiene and stain resistance - combined with the visual appeal of woven textiles.  In brief, a practical solution for commercial or residential projects, both indoors and outdoors.

The 2tec2 Seamless Tiles really are one of a kind: when fitted in a uni-directional pattern, these floor tiles have the sleek, unbroken appearance of a wall-to-wall floor covering with invisible seams.

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