2tec2 ‘QT’ carpet tiles combine the best of two worlds: the elegance of carpet and the ease of use of carpet tiles: easy to install and easily replaced in case of damage. They are also ideal for installation on a technical substrate. No permanent gluing is required, so they can be loose laid.

2tec2 QT Tiles are designed for long and intensive use thanks to the material they are made from: a glass fibre core coated with vinyl and finished with a homogeneous backing. This floor covering offers several advantages: First of all, the carpet tiles dampen noise and provide a pleasant, warm walking contact. Furthermore, the product is water repellent, wear resistant and suited both for indoor and outdoor use. The woven vinyl fabric cannot absorb dirt, so that stains can be easily removed.

In brief, a durable solution for commercial or residential projects, both indoors and outdoors.

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