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2TEC2 introduces its first Bio-based collection: Strata

2TEC2 is proud to launch its first Bio-based collection of woven flooring: Strata. Fossil fuels in the yarns of the woven top layer are replaced by plant-based materials. This increase of 45% renewable resources results in a more environmentally conscious floor. A major innovation in sustainability.

What is Bio-based?

Bio-based products are derived from materials of biological origin such as plants. This excludes materials embedded in geological formations and fossilised materials. The use of Bio-based products leads to a reduction of CO2 emissions, less toxic waste, and a decrease in energy and water consumption during production processes. In short, choosing Bio-based materials is a step in the right direction towards a more sustainable future.

100% Recyclable

All 2TEC2 tiles and planks are completely recyclable and designed for circularity. We are proud to be a front-runner in our sector and take another step towards sustainability. Let’s bring some nature into your interior.

Choose your installation pattern

The design of the Strata collection is inspired by the layers of the earth. Strata’s line motif lives and breathes: with endless variation, the natural pattern creates fascinating markings on the floor. The floor covering can be installed in various ways, creating a unique and geometric play of lines: diagonal, crossing or diamond-shaped. Just as in nature, the possibilities are endless. Strata is available in tiles of 50 x 50 cm (19.69″ x 19.69″) and planks of 20 x 75 cm (7.87″ x 29.53″).