Palma Sienna

This warm shade alludes to terra di Siena’, referring to the beautiful city of Siena in Tuscany where the typical reddish-brown earth pigment was originally mined and produced. With its vivid tones and graceful patterns, the Palma Sienna design inspires a harmonious and inviting ambience paired with the zest of the Mediterranean.

  • 83% vinyl, 7% fiberglass, 10% PET
  • Warranty up to 15 years (contact us)
  • Level of use Class 33 (EN1307)
  • Fire rating Bfl-s1 (EN 13501 – 1)
  • Acoustic Comfort Backing SonoFeltTM 19dB

Clean floors give your occupants peace of mind. With 2TEC2’s woven vinyl flooring, maintaining your flooring will be simple and fast. Our floors are stain-resistant, making it easy to expunge even the most stubborn blemishes.

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The price per m²/​ft² depends on the scale of your project and the used shapes and materials.

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