Belgian Pavilion – Expo Dubai


Salas de exposiciones y ferias


Assar Architects & Vincent Callebaut


Nizar Bredan


10000 m2 – 107639 ft2


Emiratos Árabes Unidos


Plancha 20 x 75 cm


Helios, Meteor, Moonrock, Eclipse, Atmosphere, Zodiac

The pavilion’s rooftop will be decked out in Limited Edition’s Poolside Peb­blestone’ outdoor rugs, while 2TEC2 will take care both the entire floor and even the walls of the stairwell. During this expo, Belgium will occupy no less than 2,180 square metres of space, inviting the world into a luxurious yet welcoming setting that features a rooftop terrace and lounge. The seamless woven vinyl floor tiles made by 2TEC2 combine the elegance of classic carpeting with the advantages of modular, sound-absorbing tiles that are a breeze to install and replace,” explains Katia Dewitte, CEO and founder of Limited Edition. Made from glass fibre and woven vinyl, our tiles are designed to withstand long-term intensive use.” Similarly, Limited Edition’s outdoor rugs will take the pavilion’s rooftop to a higher level, both in terms of quality and style.

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