Where functionality meets design

2TEC2 offers the best of both worlds: the durability and ease of cleaning of hard flooring combined with the acoustic properties and comfort of a softer floor solution.

Discover our functional properties below.

Strength in layers

Our high-tech tiles, planks and rolls are ingeniously composed of 5 performant layers, the combination of which ensures great aesthetics, durability and comfort : 

  1. Woven layer
  2. Precoat layer
  3. Fibreglass non-woven layer
  4. Base coat layer
  5. Acoustic felt layer SonoFeltTM

Best of both worlds

We offer the durability and cleanability of hard flooring combined with the acoustic properties and comfort of soft flooring.

Class 33 heavy commercial use*

2TEC2 floors are ideal for the project market: they are suited for high traffic levels, castor chair tested, and shockproof. Thanks to their long life span, we are confident to offer a warranty of 15 years.

(*) According to EN1307.

UV Resistance & Colour fastness

Our floors retain their colours when exposed to UV radiation and heavy foot traffic. This is because our yarns are UV-resistant and coloured to their core.

Light Reflection Value (LRV)

LRV is a score that indicates how much a surface reflects light. Thanks to our wide range of values, you can brighten up a room or prevent overexposure. A document with all values is available for you at your request.

Dimensional stability

Our strong build-up of layers and our tight weave with yarns with a fibre glass core guarantee a high dimensional stability. This results in minimal shrinkage or expansion when exposed to changes in temperature or humidity.

Underfoot walking comfort

The underlayer of floorings has an important impact on walking comfort and how knees, feet, and back are affected by steps. 2TEC2's felt underlayer provides extra comfort.

Quality control

All our products are quality and performance tested in external certified labs to get the necessary certificates. We also invested heavily in our own laboratory to perform daily in-house testing and to deliver the best quality.

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Easy installation

2TEC2 floors allow a hassle-free installation, they require little preparation and tools.

Non-permanent installation

Our tiles are installed with a tackifier adhesive. This makes them stay in place, yet easy to remove, replace or reuse in another space.

Raised flooring systems

2TEC2 is the perfect choice for raised flooring systems, keeping easy access to technical installations beneath the floor.

Floor heating

Our floors are suitable for underfloor heating or cooling, allowing installations to perform as they should.

SonoFelt 19dB

2TEC2 offers maximal acoustic comfort. Our Acoustic backing SonoFelt reduces impact sound by 19dB and walking noise by 70%.

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