Quality above all

In-house testing

We pride ourselves in constantly evolving our production process to provide a high-quality, eco-sensible product for a growing diversity of interiors.

Because of our in-house testing, we can assure you that our flooring meets all criteria to deliver the best qualitative product underneath your feet.

Discover all about the strong technical performance of our woven vinyl floors by watching the videos below.

Castor Chair Test

Our woven vinyl flooring shows minimal aspect change over time. All year long, we test the strength of our flooring and impact of office chair wheels.

Lisson Test

Our high-tech woven floors are abrasion resistant and show no fraying. A promise we keep on delivering through our in-house testing.

Delamination Test

Testing heavy commercial use also means testing the delamination of our 2TEC2 flooring. Standard carpet tiles can be pulled apart from 40 newtons, while 2TEC2 lasts until 70 newtons. Not bad right?

Thanks to our constant testing, we can guarantee a safe product.

Safety beneath your feet


All our floors are fire-retardant. 2TEC2 features a Bfl-s1 classification, the most strict fire class for textile floor covering.


Walking on plastic or carpeted floors creates friction that can make you electrically charged. Thanks to our anti-static additives, we prevent this from happening.
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Our floors have anti-slip properties, which minimises the risk of falling. This makes us an excellent option for healthcare environments and public spaces.
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Clean air

2TEC2 ensures a safe and healthy environment without indoor air pollution. Our floors are Indoor Air Comfort Gold and Floorscore certified, meaning they release no harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).

Our flooring contains no dangerous substances like phthalates and heavy metals. We are REACH compliant and M1 certified.