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Certificates & labels

2TEC2 features excellent performances in quality and durability. Our care for health and environment is a commitment and a vision. Certificates, labels and ratings allow you to assess our key features in an objective and most stringent way.

Compliance and certificates

Safe, healthy and performant

VOC emissions from construction products are an important cause of indoor air pollution. Therefore it is important that construction products undergo very strict tests and evaluations in independent labs. When approved, the producer is allowed to refer to the so called certificate. These labels and certifications can be on national or continental level.

2TEC2 wants to ensure its end users that it is 100% safe to use its products. 2TEC2 has multiple labels and certifications to cover the multiple regions worldwide where the floor covering is being installed and used.


All 2TEC2 raw materials have been registered, evaluated and authorised according to the REACH directive, meaning 2TEC2 floorcovering is REACH-compliant.

REACH aims to improve the protection of human health and the environment through the better and earlier identification of chemical substances that are produced or imported in the European Union. This is done by the four processes of REACH: Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of Chemicals.


European Conformity

In Europe, all textile floor coverings must have a CE label, without the mark, products cannot be sold within the EU. This CE label must be visible as well on the packaging and on the technical data sheet.

The CE label defines the level to which a product meets standards on health, safety and energy.


The UKCA marking is the product marking used for products being placed on the market in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales).

The UKCA marking applies to most products previously subject to the CE marking. The technical requirements (sometimes referred to as ‘essential requirements’) you must meet for the UKCA marking will depend on the product specific legislation for your product.

French VOC Regulation

All 2TEC2 products score A+. The “Emissions dans l'air intérieur” - label is a mandatory label for building materials that are being sold in France. The label provides buyers and users with information on emissions of volatile organic compounds from the building materials. The label divides products into the 4 classes: A+ (very low emissions), A, B, and C (very high emissions).

2TEC2 floor covering is free of any of the chemical components mentioned on the CMR components list. This list contains an overview of products that can cause Carcinogenic, Mutagenic or Reprotoxic damage.

CDPH Standard Method

CDPH Standard Method stands for California Department of Public Health Standard Method. 

2TEC2 flooring products have been tested by a certified lab by CDPH regulations. Based on the results, it has been concluded that 2TEC2 has passed these tests and contributes to a safe indoor environment. CDPH covers a standard method for the testing and evaluation of VOC’s from indoor sources.

Full details, testing report, is available on request.

EN 717 – 1

2TEC2 floor covering is free from Formaldehyde. Formaldehyde can cause irritation to the eyes, nose and throat.

This standard determinates the formaldehyde emissions of the building product, by a chamber method: a climate chamber under defined conditions, which relate to typical conditions in real-life.

Compliance and certificates


Eco-labels are environmental certifications that classify a product by its impact on the environment throughout the life-cycle of the product. They are organized by private or public institutions or industry associations and certify low emitting products. As they focus on health and sustainability, these labels, certificates and registrations inform how 2TEC2 contributes to a healthy environment and better planet.


2TEC2 is conform with M1 Emission Classification of Building Materials' standard. The aim of the classification is to enhance the development and the use of low-emitting building materials to create a healthy indoor environment. M1 stands for low emissions.

M1 also includes odour testing, defining the acceptability of the odour associated with the material.

Full details, declaration and testing report, are available on request.



We are happy to announce that 2TEC2 flooring materials have been added to SundaHus’ database. This database exists out of substances, materials and products that are being used in construction and buildings. It is a system used for conscious material choices in order to ensure a non-toxic and long term valuable building.

Products are assessed and awarded one of the letters A, B, C or D where A is the best. 2TEC2 has been given a B-score, which is the highest score possible for vinyl containing products.


2TEC2 floors are FloorScore certified. By carrying this label, 2TEC2 is taking part of promoting a safer, healthier environment for the end user at home or at work. FloorScore is one of the most recognized certifications in the USA, it makes very high demands on low VOC’s, to ensure the quality of indoor air.

Indoor Air Comfort Gold

All 2TEC2 flooring products have the IACG label. This certification scheme ensures that the product fulfils low product emissions requirements. This label unites the most relevant emission specifications and requirements in a single certification. Any Indoor Air Comfort Gold labelled product shall meet the legal requirements within the EU and worldwide.

Compliance and certificates

Contributing to healthy buildings

In order to help you achieve certification for your projects with internationally renowned building certification schemes, 2TEC2 can contribute substantially in various categories and concepts. This provides reassurance to our customers that buildings using our flooring solution are as healthy and non-harmful as possible. 

For LEED and BREEAM, 2TEC2 can contribute to impact categories and items such as health and well-being, acoustics, indoor air quality, materials and life cycle. As such 2TEC2 can contribute up to 16 credits for BREEAM and up to 20 credits for LEED. For WELL, 2TEC2 can help you with 2 Preconditions and 10 Optimisations in the concepts air, light, sound and materials.


BREEAM is a leading environmental assessment system for masterplanning projects and buildings.

Buildings are registered to work to achieve ESG, health and net zero goals.

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LEED v5 stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is a green building certification program with a rating system that addresses environmental performance of buildings on issues such as equity, health, ecosystems, and resilience.

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WELL is an evidence-based roadmap for applying the WELL Building Standard to support the health and well-being of your people and your organization.

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