Easy to maintain

With 2TEC2’s woven vinyl flooring, cleaning your flooring will be simple and fast. For optimal maintenance, we refer to our general cleaning instructions.


Easy maintenance

Our floors can be easily cleaned with just water. There is no need for hazardous chemical cleaning products. They are also stain-resistant. Since they do not absorb any liquids, stains are easy to remove.

Dust resistant mesh

Our top layer traps dust and dirt, allowing for effective cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and water.


Our floors are not affected by moist conditions. They offer ease of use for spas and gyms or healthcare environments.

Health & hygiene

Thanks to 2TEC2’s easy maintenance and hygienic properties, health is safeguarded at all times.


The structure of our flooring keeps dust particles from floating around, so they cannot affect your health. Most of all, unlike a regular carpet, they can be easily vacuumed and removed. We don't use materials that can cause an allergic reaction.


Our floors obtained the best score in specialised tests. This certifies that 2TEC2 floors do not allow fungi to grow, which makes them an ideal solution for moist environments.

Suitable for disinfection

Our floors are resistant to disinfectants, a necessity in healthcare environments. The yarn's colour intensity is not affected, even after years of maintenance.

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At 2TEC2 we believe every room should be both comfortable and uniquely beautiful. Our functional flooring combines the durability and cleanability of hard surface flooring, with the elegant look and feel of carpet. Order your sample now.

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