Unique designs

Our in-house design team creates truly unique designs and colour combinations. Our design mission:

  • Keeping up with the newest trends in interior design.
  • Providing timeless flooring that never goes out of style.
  • Creating our own colours and thus provide a wide range of original shades.

Endless design creativity

Our flooring is standard available in tiles, planks and rolls. You can also discover the fun and unique shapes of our Play concept. For bespoke projects, you can create your own design and colour.

2TEC2 Play


Flooring is the perfect way to visually and functionally define different zones in bigger spaces. You can easily create several areas serving different purposes by using different colours from our wide range of shades.

Colour change

With our flooring, you can create a unique design effect. Our yarns are woven in a way that, if you alter your perspective, the colour seems to change. If you place the tiles in different weaving directions, you create the effect of multiple colours, while using only one single product.


Nearly all our designs are seamless in an ashlar or brick installation pattern. This means you are not able to see the seams between the tiles. This creates a broadloom effect.

Structure & texture

The woven top layer has a textured look and feel. Its 3D jacquard weave is very attractive.

Dirt concealing

Our designs can visually conceal dirt or stains because we play with design, colour, and texture. Your floor can be thoroughly cleaned with every cleaning round.

Inspired by nature

Natural elements are our inspiration. Nature is always in balance, its appealing aesthetics never fade. This is what we strive for: to achieve natural beauty and balance indoors.


The human drive to connect with nature”

In a challenging world the undeniable connection between nature and human well-being persists. Biophilic Design responds to this inherent affinity of humans to nature by incorporating natural elements into our living and working environments. 

Discover how 2TEC2’s collections play into the concept of Biophilic Design.

Collection overview  

Collections Overview