Circularity and recycling

Our goal is to reach a 0% virgin fossil raw material product and to be fully recyclable. 
More bio-based materials, more recycled contents & our own recycling plant are the key drivers to achieve this.

Bio-based materials in our flooring

Strata is our first Bio-based collection. The compound formulation to make the PVC pellets contains 45% renewable plant-based carbon, replacing virgin fossil-based carbon.

Bio-based carbon is derived from materials of biological origin such as plant waste. Finite fossil-based resources are thus being replaced with renewable plant-based resources. 

The use of Bio-based products leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions, toxic waste, and energy and water consumption during production processes. In short, choosing Bio-based materials is a step in the right direction towards a more sustainable future.

Circularity & recyclability

100% recyclable

All 2TEC2 tiles, rolls and planks are 100% recyclable.

Quality materials

All materials introduced in our circular production cycle are meticulously quality-checked for composition and performance. Only this way we can be sure we can recycle them well.

Designed for circularity

2TEC2 is designed and produced to be recycled and to regenerate new 2TEC2 flooring again and again, without losing strength and with the same beautiful visual aspect of the product as you know it.

Recycled PET content

We save for every 1000m2 of 2TEC2 flooring the equivalent of 15.000 PET bottles from landfill. 

Over the last years, we have been increasing the PET recycled contents in the felt underlayer of our products from 6% to 70%. We continue our R&D focus to increase this share even more. 

Our new recycling plant

Towards a fully circular ecosystem

Just a few kilometers from our production site, this new facility will use production waste and convert it into material for new, strong and attractive tiles. There will be no change on the visual aspect, stability, performance, durability or other features of our flooring. 

2TEC2 is committed to making your floors more sustainable. As pioneers in this field, we see an exciting challenge in contributing to the preservation of the planet’s finite resources and want to ensure a strong circularity approach within our own operations. 

Waste stream management

Resource Recovery

We sort and organise all 2TEC2 manufacturing waste, to ensure the recycling process is optimal. Yarn waste, end-of-bobbin yarns, weave excess, cut waste, samples, second-quality tiles and all other leftover materials are meticulously collected – so they can be sent to our new recycling facility. This pre-consumer waste’ can be shredded in the recycling plant and introduced into our production process as the base material for new tiles or rolls of flooring.