Excellent acoustics

Our SonoFeltTM backing ensures maximum acoustic comfort.

SonoFeltTM 19dB

Our Acoustic backing SonoFeltTM 19dB reduces impact sound by 19dB and walking noise by 70%. This innovative flooring method is perfect for any setting, whether you find yourself behind the closed doors of an executive boardroom or in a hotel’s lobby. Even the loudest footsteps will be silenced, allowing everyone to work in peace or enjoy their stay.

What happens when soundwaves collide with a surface

When sound collides with a surface, it can go three ways:

  • It can be echoed back
  • It can be absorbed by the surface
  • It can go through the surface

Your choice of flooring has an impact on what happens and thus defines your level of acoustic comfort. Our acoustic comfort backing SonoFeltTM provides maximum acoustic wellbeing.

Walking noise reduction

This concerns sound waves which are echoed back in the room.

'Walking noise reduction' is the difference in noise level when walking on laminate compared to walking on 2TEC2 floor covering.

2TEC2's SonoFeltTM backing reduces walking noise by 70%.

Acoustical Sound Absorption

This applies to the absorbed noise in a room.

'Acoustical sound absorption' is the level of absorption of sound waves in a room. When a sound wave hits a surface, a portion of that wave is reflected, a part is absorbed. The better the absorption of a sound wave, the less reverberation.

2TEC2 absorbs 15% (0,15 αw) of the sound waves that hit the floor.

Impact Sound Reduction

This metric refers to the level by which sound waves are transmitted through the floor into the room beneath.

‘Impact sound reduction’ is the difference in noise levels as measured in the room beneath the floor when walking on a concrete floor compared to walking on a 2TEC2 floor.

2TEC2’s 19 dB SonoFeltTM acoustic backing reduces the sound coming from the room above by 19 dB.