It is 2TEC2’s vision and commitment to make your floors more sustainable. Discover how we embarked upon this journey.

We see an exciting challenge and future in stepping up our sustainable effort by moving our production cycle and our products towards a fully circular eco-system. Our material is strong and long-lasting, numerous rounds of re-use and recycling are possible. And now we have developed a truly groundbreaking technique of making new 2TEC2 tiles and rolls out of its recycled contents.

Milestones in the road to circularity

2024 – 25: A fully circular future

We will fully re-use and recycle our 2TEC2 floors, production waste and leftover materials into new 2TEC2 tiles or rolls.

2023: Introducing biobased content to our floors

Revolutionary to our type of product, we launch our floorings with biobased contents in the topweave woven structure.
A spectacular and concrete start of the reduction of fossil-based materials.

2022: Design for circularity

Our R&D department and Operations have invested in spectacular breakthroughs in our in-house recycling technology and product design, preparing our greener floorings for the future. We start our investments into the build of our new recycling plant.

2019: Long-lasting quality

2TEC2 installs a fully integrated production cycle to ensure a durable long-lasting quality, to drastically improve our ecological footprint, energy consumption and optimized waste management.

2019: Reducing our carbon footprint

2TEC2 invests in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with a solar installation and heat recovery system.

2017: Introducing recycled content

The Acoustic Comfort Backing contains 70 % recycled PET content.

2013: Re-using pre-consumer waste

Leftover yarns are smartly used in the production of outdoor rugs of our sister company and other products.

2005: Long-lasting durability

From the get-go on, our woven floorings were designed to be durable and long-lasting.