The story of 2TEC2

Discover how one tiny atelier in the small city of Mouscron, Belgium, turned into a global woven flooring pioneer.

A rich history

Family of innovators

In 1991, in a small Belgian atelier, Katia Dewitte designed her first high-quality custom-made rug for the local market. The name of the brand was Limited Edition, as she wanted to emphasize the exclusive character of her creations.

Shortly after, Katia was joined in business by her brother and husband. By 2000, they were able to expand the business, purchase their first industrial weaving looms, and establish a holding company: Le Tissage.

The business kept growing, and finally, in 2005, 2TEC2 was founded as an interior brand. The company went all-in on high-end woven flooring, and thanks to its innovation and high-quality standards, it became the flourishing company it is today. Over the course of three decades, the small family business has grown into a global supplier of luxury woven flooring and other applications.


Craftsmanship is one of the foundations of our company. We weave our floors with the greatest precision and dedication in order to offer you the best quality and a refined look. ⁠The intricate interplay of warp and weft threads brings to life an exquisite story of colours and textures. ⁠

Our founding team has been in the flooring business for over three decades. We still manage the entire process from Belgium, the world’s leading country in terms of high-tech flooring solutions.

Our values

1. Innovation

We strive to be at the forefront of the flooring industry. We’re always looking for new and better ways to produce more sustainable, durable, and nothing less than stunning floors.

2. Elegance

The aim for our floors goes beyond beauty. Each and every floor has the goal to match high-quality and durability with innovative, stylish design for a top luxury interior.

3. People-driven

2TEC2 walks the talk. How we treat our floors is how we treat our people: with careful attention to detail and a deep passion for innovation and comfort.

4. Sustainability

As pioneers in the flooring industry, we don’t just want to be frontrunners in terms of design. What matters even more is manufacturing with the smallest possible environmental impact. That’s why we optimize for CO2 neutrality, circular waste management, and bio-based materials.

The founders

Katia Dewitte is the founder and creative mind behind 2TEC2. She started creating innovative flooring solutions more than 30 years ago with a passion for fibres, materials, colours, and a unique feel for market trends avant-la-lettre. Her experience was crucial in lifting the company to a global level. She was joined in the 2TEC2 journey by her husband and brother. The family values and entrepreneurial spirit are our DNA.

The team

Our team is passionate about weaving and obsessed with creating beautiful and performant flooring solutions. At 2TEC2, craftsmanship goes hand in hand with innovation and high technology, every tile, every roll again.

Global network

2TEC2 is a flourishing company. Across the various companies in our group, we have approximately 200 employees. Additionally, we are active in 60 countries around the globe. 2TEC2 is proud to have such a widespread network of agents, installers and distributors.

Limited Edition

2TEC2 has a sister company named Limited Edition. Limited Edition was founded by Katia Dewitte as well, in 1991. Since then, the company has been devoted to creating luxurious, custom-made rugs for the residential and commercial market.

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