Care for planet and people

Designing recyclable woven flooring, while preserving and protecting the world.

2TEC2 is devoted to designing and producing recyclable woven flooring solutions. We aim for the highest sustainability performance, while preserving and protecting the world beneath our feet.

Towards a CO2 neutral production with solar energy

We capture as much renewable solar energy as possible through a massive installation of photovoltaic panels on our buildings. This leads us to avoiding almost 820 tons of greenhouse gas emissions every year.

Energy battery storage system

A large battery energy storage system (BESS) at our very own promises increases our share of renewable energy for our production activities through the storage and optimised use of solar power. 

A healthy and safe space

No phthalates

Our floors tiles and rolls do not contain any phthalates. We care for your safety and health.

No heavy metals

2TEC2 floorings are free from heavy metals. We make sure our users are not exposed to hazardous chemicals.

Easy hygiene

With some simple cleaning routine, 2TEC2 floors present spotless and healthy surroundings. Mostly you can avoid using harmful chemical cleaning products. 

Good indoor air quality

We have been certified to be very low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). Thanks to our unique woven structure, 2TEC2 solutions capture dirt particles, holding them until the next cleaning round. This contributes to a fresh and healthy air quality indoors.

” A refined interior product, engineered to preserve the world beneath our feet ” 

Care for planet and people

The sound of well-being and productivity 

Acoustics play an important role in people’s well-being and comfort, especially in an office or hospitality space. 

Our acoustic backings SonoFelt®, both on tiles and rolls, significantly reduce the decibels and create a restful acoustic environment. 

Excellent acoustic performance

Caring for your health with a clean floor

2TEC2 floors are very easy to clean, which means your personal surroundings remain spotless and healthy. A fresh and pleasant environment boosts morale. 

2TEC2 is anti-allergenic, has anti-fungal properties and is resistant to disinfectants if needed.

Easy cleanability

Beautiful aesthetics and outstanding designs make people happy.