2TEC2 Rugs

2TEC2 introduces its first collection of rugs, made from the 2TEC2 woven quality that has proven its durability and aesthetics through time. We offer a wide range of designs, colours and shapes with impeccably finished borders.

2TEC2 Rugs

Rugs give you the freedom to move them around. They allow you to create inviting spaces wherever you want, making the possibilities for interior design never-ending. The rugs possess all the functional properties of 2TEC2 flooring. We combine the look and feel of soft flooring with the durability and cleanability of hard flooring. 2TEC2 Rugs are suitable to create extra atmosphere or define functional spaces in hospitality, reception areas, office spaces, meeting rooms, showrooms and outdoors.

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Quality approved

On top of the aesthetics of 2TEC2 rugs, the functionality truly exceeds limits. Just like our regular woven flooring, the rugs are very easily maintained. They can be cleaned with only water and a brush – no harmful chemicals needed. Additionally, the rugs are fire-retardant, UV-resistant, and anti-fungi.Meanwhile, they still ensure premium quality. Suited for class 33 heavy commercial use and castor chair tested, they are made to last. Even the roughness of outdoor circumstances can be withstood, making the rugs suited for indoor and outdoor use.

Strong & long-lasting

• Extremely robust
• Resists office chairs & heavy traffic

Hygienic & easy to clean

• Stain resistant & waterproof
• Easy maintenance
• No harmful chemicals needed

Sustainable footprint

• Felt backing made of recycled PET
• Designed for circularity: fully recyclable
• Responsibly produced

High quality

• 100% designed & made in Belgium
• Antibacterial, mould-free & anti-allergic properties

Acoustic sound absorption

• 70% walking noise reduction
• 19 dB impact sound reduction

Innovative design

• Unique high-end look & feel
• Available in 4 shapes, 12 product colours

The best of designs

We offer a wide range of designs, colours and shapes with impeccably finished borders. There are 12 different products available. 10 of the rugs are based on the existing best-selling floors from the collections Hybrid, Infinite, Marble and Lustre.

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Creative Freedom

The ability to freely move rugs offers endless possibilities for design. They are perfect to visually define different zones in your interior. In the most easy way, you can highlight a group of furniture or create an inviting and cozy atmosphere wherever you want.

2TEC2 provides the possibility to personalise the shape and the dimensions of your rug. You can choose between 4 different shapes.

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Rugs come with a fixed border colour
• Max. border thickness: 10 mm / 0.39"
• Max. border width: 15 mm / 0.59"


2TEC2 Rugs with a width of more than 200 cm / 78.74" have a (barely) visible zigzagged stitch:
• The stitched seam is not necessarily centred
• Width stitch: 7 mm / 0.27"
• Composition stitch: UV-resistant polyester

Indoor & outdoor use

Indoor: suitable for underfloor heating
Outdoor: 2TEC2 advises to bring your rug inside during winter season

Rug protection

• Protect the 2TEC2 Rug by placing teflon furniture glides underneath your furniture
• Do not place sharp objects on 2TEC2 Rugs
• Heavy furniture can leave a permanent imprint
• Rubber can cause a permanent colour change


Custom rug sizes, shapes, product colours and finishes are available on demand and have an additional surcharge