2TEC2 for restaurants: interview with the architect

From easy maintenance to excellent acoustics; 2TEC2 offers the perfect flooring solution for your restaurant. Discover this beautiful Blossom Bistro’ featuring our popular Hybrid collection. Interior designer Lotte Helmig shares the inspiration behind her concept.

Project: Café Papageno, Schönes Leben Gruppe
Erfstadt, Germany
Helios & Lyra tiles 50 x 50 cm (19.69″ x 19.69″) – Hybrid collection
Interior designer:
Lotte Helmig, Your TailorMate
Sonja Velda

Why did you choose 2TEC2 flooring?

I chose 2TEC2 because the product has an appealing, matte look to it. It’s a strong, high-quality material that still exudes a warm feeling: ideal for a hospitality project.

Moreover, I really appreciate the environmentally conscious aspect of 2TEC2. The story of your sustainability journey really stuck with me.”

What is the inspiration behind your design?

Our design seamlessly blends classical charm with modern flair. Central to the bistro’s ambiance is a magnificent blossom tree, providing a picturesque dining experience beneath its canopy.

What sets this restaurant apart is our fusion of traditional architecture with contemporary elements. Every detail, including the flooring, exudes elegance and sophistication.

I also used different floor colours in the design. I like that 2TEC2 allows you to make all kinds of shapes in order to define different zones in your space.”

Download 2TEC2 hospitality brochure