2TEC2, proud partner of expo Dubai

2TEC2 and Limited Edition were partners of the Belgian Pavilion at the 2020 World Expo in Dubai.

The building was a dazzling feat of architecture, for which the two brands created cutting-edge floor and wall coverings for visitors to experience both indoors and outdoors. The partnership was rooted in shared values, because Belgium’s Green Arch’ Pavillion generated its own energy, making it the ideal place for 2TEC2 and Limited Edition to (quite literally!) roll out their sustainable flooring. Aiming to make the building’s floor the most eye-catching element of its interior, the two partners’ woven vinyl flooring and outdoor rugs provided a finishing touch on a grand scale.

The Green Arch

As befits a national World Expo pavilion, Belgium geared up to wow crowds with a stunning architectural masterpiece constructed from materials of the highest quality. Its pavilion for the expo was designed with the sole aim of generating energy – more energy, in fact, than the pavilion itself uses. With its natural light and ventilation, renewable energy and smart use of water, the Green Arch’ brought together the very latest innovations, products and ideas. It showcased Belgium’s industrial, technological and scientific know-how – fields in which 2TEC2 and Limited Edition are pioneers.

Comfort and Design

At the 2015 World Expo in Milan, Belgium welcomed an average of 9,000 to 10,000 visitors a day. Frequented by no fewer than 21.5 million people in total, the pavilion was one of the twenty most popular destinations at Expo Milano 2015. The passage of so many feet requires premium flooring, not just in terms of comfort but also when it comes to design. Which is why flooring pioneers 2TEC2 and Limited Edition were part of the Belgian delegation at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Quality and style

The pavilion’s rooftop was decked out in Limited Edition’s Poolside Pebblestone’ outdoor rugs, while 2TEC2 took care of both the entire floor and even the walls of the stairwell. During this expo, Belgium occupied no less than 2,180 square metres of space, inviting the world into a luxurious yet welcoming setting that features a rooftop terrace and lounge. The seamless woven vinyl floor tiles made by 2TEC2 combine the elegance of classic carpeting with the advantages of modular, sound-absorbing tiles that are a breeze to install and replace,” explains Katia Dewitte, CEO and founder of Limited Edition. Made from glass fibre and woven vinyl, our tiles are designed to withstand long-term intensive use.” Similarly, Limited Edition’s outdoor rugs took the pavilion’s rooftop to a higher level, both in terms of quality and style.

International Awareness

As leaders in the fields of design and sustainability, the two brands are aiming for a mutually inspiring partnership with BelExpo. This is the world’s biggest meeting place, offering endless opportunities to network and make international connections,” Katia enthuses. Combining our ideas and designs has led to unprecedented creations. The design of our flooring and wall coverings is a perfect fit for the pavilion’s premium concept.”

Matching Visions

Not just any brand gets to contribute to a major international event like the World Expo. Nations tend to be very careful about selecting the companies they believe will create a stunning overall impression of their country. The combined visions of 2TEC2, Limited Edition and BelExpo – which are all about sustainability – were a match made in heaven. Quality is our main focus. We want to offer our customers the very best and most sustainable flooring,” explains Philippe Hanet, the mastermind behind 2TEC2. That is why the development of our production processes is constantly growing and changing, to keep offering the highest possible quality and remain at the forefront of sustainable design. At Expo 2020 Dubai, we wanted to project our vision as a modern, entirely vertically integrated Belgian family business that has the ability to provide both excellent sustainable flooring solutions and top-notch service to the global market,” he summarises. The opportunity to be a partner in the Belgian pavilion felt like the crowning glory of three decades of hard work,” founder Katia adds. Once again, Limited Edition and 2TEC2 have reaffirmed their reputation as experts in bespoke flooring.”

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