Enjoy the Silence with our SonoFeltTM 19 dB


In a world in constant motion, silence is a cherished virtue. The felt backing of our woven flooring, trademarked SonoFeltTM, reduces impact sound by 19 dB, providing peace of mind for all.

5 layers

2TEC2 consist of 5 layers. You can only see the refined woven top layer, but the layers underneath are just as important.

The bottom layer is a high-quality felt backing called SonoFeltTM that provides great acoustics, as well as underfoot comfort.

1 woven top layer – 2 precoat layer – 3 fibreglass non-woven layer – 4 base coat layer – 5 SonoFelt backing

19 dB impact sound reduction

This concerns sound waves that are transmitted through the floor into the room beneath.

70% walking noise reduction

This concerns sound waves that are echoed back into the room.

0,15 αw acoustical sound absorption

This concerns the absorption of sound waves in a room.

Recycled PET

The SonoFeltTM backing is made from 70% recycled PET and our product as a whole is 100% recyclable. We are constantly pushing to make our flooring more and more sustainable.