Library @ Harbourfront


Public Space


Metaphore Design + Architecture


3000 m2 – 32292 ft2




Tile 50 x 50 cm / 19,69" x 19,69"


Coffee Bean, Titan, Orbital, Equinox, Aurora, Pulsar

Zee Choing, architect at the award-winning architecture studio Metaphor Design + Architecture, used this unique location – near the sea – as an inspiration for the design. The coastal theme can be seen throughout the entire library. The wavy ceilings, the curvy floors and the twisted furniture – all in fusing colour palettes – are bringing out this coastal design. All is easily done by cutting the tiles and placing them in a wavy and coastal design structure. In fact, any design can effortlessly be installed due to the seamlessness of 2TEC2. The different colours define all the departments and indicate the walking zones. In order to create a high-standard place and fulfil the needs of a library, 2TEC2 woven vinyl flooring offers excellent acoustics due to innovative comfort backing.

Floor in this project