Derived from the Latin word for forest, Silva combines the rough texture and swirling patterns of tree bark with rich earthy tones to transform your interior into a lair of calm and serenity.

The complete Silva collection

Silva Collection

Silva is the Latin name for wood’ or forest’, and this perfectly epitomises this floor covering. With a single step you are transported to an ancient woodland, where the branches and leaves sway to the rhythm of the breeze and thus create a unique play of shadows. The design is inspired by the trunk of a majestic tree, with grains that seem to stretch ever further.

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The mystical tranquility of nature woven into floor coverings


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At 2TEC2 we believe every room should be both comfortable and uniquely beautiful. Our functional flooring combines the durability and cleanability of hard surface flooring, with the elegant look and feel of carpet. Order your sample now.

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