2TEC2 introduces new Silva collection

The design is inspired by the trunk of a majestic tree, with grains that seem to stretch ever further. The rich earthy tones transform your interior into a refuge of calm and serenity.

Wide range of possibilities

The Silva collection is available in planks of 20 x 75 cm (7.87″ x 29.53″). We offer 2 different installation patterns, random staggered and herringbone, and 6 colours, inspired by most beautiful trees. There’s room for plenty of possibilities, depending on what a space demands.

Discover the collection

Advantages of woven flooring

2TEC2 combines the look of a wooden floor with the functionality of woven flooring. 

  • Easy maintenance: Our stain-free and water-resistant floors are very easy to clean with just water. You don’t need any chemical cleaning products.
  • Acoustic Properties: Our Acoustic Comfort Backing technology is optimized for sound absorption and comfort. Enjoy our 19 dB impact sound reduction, silencing even the loudest footsteps. 
  • Heavy commercial use: Our floors are slip-resistant, castor chair tested and suited for high amounts of traffic. They are made to last.