2TEC2 has been added to the SundaHus Material Database

According to research, many people spend up to 88% of their day indoors. This is exactly why – apart from your own home – the materials chosen to furnish your workplace and the public spaces you visit, should be fully health & safety compliant and offer the best well-being possible.

Ensuring health, hygiene & clean air

2TEC2 aims to continuously evolve towards an ever-improving performance and fully risk-free application of its products in buildings, thereby ensuring health, hygiene, and clean air.

Official certifications are the most objective way of assuring our customers and everyday users that materials supplied by 2TEC2 are safe and can be used with peace of mind. 2TEC2 woven vinyl is now registered in the SundaHus Materials Database, a highly reputed assessment system.

What does SundaHus stand for?

The SundaHus Materials Database provides crucial support when it comes to making sustainable and conscious material choices. The core of the system is a database and the environmental assessment of substances, materials, and products; the aim being to avoid any hazardous elements throughout the entire life cycle of the building. It assesses materials from the production and use & maintenance phases all the way to the demolition and recycling phases. 

As such, SundaHus is a documentation tool for complying with property owners’ environmental schedules for the long-term monitoring of building contents by means of reliable product documentation.

Product evaluation is based on an array of criteria and is divided into five categories: D, C‑, C+, B and A, with A representing the top score.

We are proud that 2TEC2 has been added to the Material Database of SundaHus. You simply cannot be cautious enough when it comes to health & safety. No compromise whatsoever.”

Thomas Vantieghem, Product Director

B score

2TEC2 has been allocated a B score, representing full control of the entire manufacturing cycle down to the polymer production. This is the best score possible in the category of materials used for 2TEC2 products. In a nutshell, your space will be healthy and safe.

2TEC2 also holds M1 certification, meets all Eurofins Gold standards, and continues to work on groundbreaking environmental developments in preparation for the future.


We strive to produce premium products with a minimal environmental impact. This dedication is reflected throughout our manufacturing and product design methods, as seen in our choice for renewable energy source, our circular waste management and our focus on eco-friendly maintenance.
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