Award news! High-impact innovation in woven flooring

2TEC2 is very proud to have received the sector’s recognition as we were nominated for INOVYN Awards with a ground-breaking innovation.

Innovative woven vinyl

Every three years, INEOS recognises through the INOVYN Awards those at the forefront of innovation with vinyl. Projects from 24 countries and 3 continents entered the latest INOVYN Awards – businesses, designers, academics, research organisations and students competing for top honours.

These projects are the epitome of innovation, helping to deliver significant benefits within their chosen field and continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible with vinyl.

2TEC2 is very proud to have received this INOVYN recognition as we were nominated for INOVYN 2022 Awards in a joint development with MCPP France.

Bio-based vinyl

The celebrated topic? A bio-based vinyl compound for high-end textile flooring and walling applications. The top layer of the newest 2TEC2 woven flooring is now made out of this bio-based compound. The upcoming collections with this technology bring design, differentiation, durability, resistance, easy cleaning and offer a wide range of colours.

Innovation is key

Through the effort of our innovation, our industry moves ever forward in discovering new, innovative and sustainable applications.

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