How to use interior design to boost morale in the workplace?

The interior design of a workspace plays a crucial roll in promoting employee happiness. Discover 4 ways in which 2TEC2 flooring can benefit morale and productivity in your offices.

1. Biophilic design

People have an inherent affinity to nature. 2TEC2’s biophilic design choices respond to this need by incorporating natural elements into your working environments. This has been proven to reduce stress, enhance mood, and improve creativity and productivity.

2. Zoning

By using multiple of our products, you can delineate a variety of spaces to accommodate to different activities. Your employees will benefit from a neat, structured workplace. Who doesn’t want a cosy corner for taking a break?

3. Comfort

Employees should be physically comfortable throughout the day. 2TEC2’s hybrid floor coverings offer the same walking comfort as soft flooring solutions.

Moreover, our SonoFelt™ backing with 70% walking noise reduction and 19 dB impact sound reduction ensures a serene working environment.

4. Natural light

The right lighting is important to reduce eye strain and fatigue. Thanks to the wide range of Light Reflectance Values* of our floors, you can either brighten up a room or prevent overexposure when

LRV brochure

*LRV is a score that indicates how much a surface reflects light.