The 3 C’s of 2TEC2: our vision on sustainability

As a company, we see it as our duty to protect the planet. Every day, we take concrete steps towards more sustainable flooring. We have summarised our actions by means of 3 C’s.

We strongly believe style can go hand in hand with sustainability.”

Katia Dewitte


Care for the planet & environment

We produce responsibly by decreasing our use of fossil raw materials and CO2 emissions.

  • Being 100% vertically integrated in one location, our CO2 emissions due to transport are limited.
  • We use as much renewable energy as possible thanks to our solar panels and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS).
  • Our heat recovery system and closed water cooling system minimise our energy and water consumption.
  • We positively contribute to 6 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Care for people & health

  • 2TEC2 floors do not contain any phthalates or heavy metals.
  • Our top layer captures dirt particles until the next cleaning round, which contributes to cleaner air.
  • 2TEC2 floors can be cleaned with water, avoiding harmful chemical cleaning products.


Our goals are to reach 0% virgin fossil raw material and to be fully recyclable. How can we achieve this?

Bio-based materials

We created a Bio-based vinyl compound which is used in the woven top layer of our Strata collection. This layer now consists of 45% more renewable Bio-based carbon, replacing virgin fossil carbon.

Bio-based products are derived from materials of biological origin such as plants. This makes them a renewable resource, whereas fossil materials are finite.

The use of Bio-based products leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions, toxic waste, and energy and water consumption during production processes.

Recycled contents

We save the equivalent of 15.000 PET bottles from landfill for every 1000 m² of 2TEC2 flooring. Over the last 5 years, we have been increasing the PET recycled contents in the felt underlayer of our products from 6% to 70%. We are continuously working towards improving this share even more.

Fully recyclable product

All 2TEC2 products are 100% recyclable. Our materials are meticulously quality checked for composition and performance. Since we only use pure materials, we can be confident of recycling our products again and again without losing strength.

Own recycling plant

We recently built a new recycling plant. This facility will convert production waste into new, strong and attractive tiles. There will be no change on the visual aspect, stability, performance, durability or other features of our flooring. New 2TEC2 tiles will notably include more than 50% recycled content.


We comply with a series of respected international certificates and labels, to show the world how much we care about product quality, human health and the environment.

We also help our customers achieve certification with the internationally renowned building certification schemes LEED and BREEAM by contributing credits.