Why choose 2TEC2 for workspaces?

Workspaces are designed to inspire productivity and creativity, but why should that mean sacrificing style? With 2TEC2 high-tech woven flooring, offices and boardrooms will look stunning, while giving employees the serenity and comfort they need to be productive.

Endless Design

With 2TEC2’s vast library of colours, shapes and patterns, you can create any atmosphere. Give your employees a unique and enjoyable working environment and match your flooring to your company’s identity.

Castor chair resistant

In a busy place like an office, floors need to be robust and durable. 2TEC2 floors are resistant to class 33 heavy commercial use and serve as a long-lasting solution for your workspaces. They have been castor chair tested and approved.

Work in peace

The 2TEC2 acoustic comfort backing SonoFelt™ technology reduces impact sound by 19dB and walking noise by 70%. This innovative flooring method is perfect for any professional setting, whether you find yourself behind the closed doors of an executive boardroom or in the building’s lobby. Even the loudest footsteps will be silenced, allowing everyone to focus on their task at hand.

Healthy & safe

2TEC2 floors are Indoor Air Comfort Gold and Floorscore certified, meaning they release no harmful VOC emissions. With no indoor air pollution, these floors ensure a safe and healthy work environment for your employees. On top of this, 2TEC2 is fire-retardant and slip-resistant.

Easy & quick to clean

While 2TEC2 woven floors provide the look and feel of a carpet, they offer the cleanability of hard surface flooring. Our tiles, rolls and planks are stain-resistant, making it easy to expunge even the most stubborn blemishes. Plain water does the trick, no harmful chemicals needed.