Frequently asked

With 2TEC2 woven vinyl in your interior, you can clean your floors in a simple and fast way. Here you'll find our advise for spot cleaning, daily maintenance and periodic cleaning.

Good maintenance ensures a long-lasting ‘always fresh’ floor. According to the intensity of use, our advisors will recommend you on daily maintenance, periodic cleaning and intense cleaning. Find out more.

2TEC2 comes for most collections in tiles and rolls. With our PLAY approach, we also offer various other shapes, like triangles, trapeziums and maxitiles. Apart from that, we can always look at a tailor made customization for maximum uniqueness in your project.

2TEC2 is a beautiful and practical floor solution to enjoy for years. Make sure your flooring is installed correctly and have it done by a professional installer within the 2TEC2 network. Contact us for a professional installer nearby and follow our tips and tricks for a perfect placement.

Our professional installers work with adapted tackifier or glue, to make sure your tile installation can be modular or if wished for, your rolls stay put. A list of qualified glues is available upon request. Contact us.

Many designs can be installed seamlessly. This means that both end- and longitudinal seams are hardly visible, creating a broadloom effect. This can be done with both tiles and rolls.

The seams of 2TEC2 rolls do not need to be cold-welded after installation. However, it is recommended when the rolls are installed in a permanently humid room, such as a bathroom. In this case, cold-welding the seams can protect the substrate against moisture.

2TEC2 is waterproof: the yarns do not absorb moisture and moisture cannot penetrate into the product.

Under certain conditions, 2TEC2 can be installed outdoors. Each location must be assessed individually.
Contact us for more information or personalised advice.


2TEC2 scores perfectly on colour fastness. Even after years of use, the yarns retain their colour and look as good as new. However, discolouration can occur as ‘colour migration’ when the top layer is brought into prolonged contact with rubber. This is irreversible.

The castors of office chairs can be made from different raw materials. PA or PU do not cause discolouration and can be used directly on 2TEC2. A protective plate can prevent colour migration if the castors are made of rubber.

Heavy objects can be placed on 2TEC2. The yarns will not be damaged. However, if heavy objects are left in the same place for a long time, they may leave a permanent imprint. This can be prevented by applying a felt cap on the furniture’s legs. The imprint will be less prominent. Move heavy objects only by lifting them. Sliding can damage the top layer.

When installing the tiles or rolls, it is possible that white fibres become visible between the seams. These are the glass fibres contained in the core of the yarn. They break off and will disappear when the flooring is put into use. Want to get rid of them faster? You can rub off the fibres before installing 2TEC2 or you can clean the floor several times in a row with a Duplex cleaning machine, hard brush, or damp cloth. Do not use sandpaper on 2TEC2 after the installation.

2TEC2 should be placed in an environment with a maximum pH of 10. Too strong acid (pH 1-7) or base (pH 7-14) environments may cause discolouration or damage to 2TEC2.

To avoid condensation on the floor, the surface temperature of the floor should be kept a few degrees above the dew point temperature of the ambient air. This can be calculated in any circumstance: Td = T - ((100 - RH)/5). For an indoor temperature of 23°C (75°F) and a relative humidity of 50%, the indoor air dew point is 13°C (55°F).

2TEC2 can be installed on underfloor heating. Always check if the underfloor heating is a tightly closed circuit without leaks. Switch off the underfloor heating 48 hours before starting the installation. Wait until 72 hours after the installation to switch the underfloor heating back on. The maximum permissible temperature of the subfloor heating is 30°C.

2TEC2 can be installed in kitchens or dining halls. However, make sure to be careful with food spills. They need to be removed as quickly as possible, grease stains can cause permanent discolouration.

We understand you want to see with your own eyes the quality, color and structure of the 2TEC2 woven vinyl floor you envisage. Just put the references in your sample shopping cart, and you’ll receive the real deal within 2 or 3 days (depending on your location), so you can decide on the best choice and compose beautiful mood boards.

2TEC2 is 100% safe. Our LEED and REACH-compliant flooring has undergone a rigorous series of safety tests and passed them all with flying colors. 2TEC2 flooring emits extremely low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)—we use the same type of vinyl as chirurgical tools or kids’ toys. If it gets dirty, you can easily clean it. There’s a reason why our flooring is often used in medical facilities.

Our woven vinyl is the sustainable choice. We operate low-emissions factories using solar power and heat recovery systems. All our production takes place in one central location, which means we avoid emissions-heavy transportation. Our materials contain no Phthalates or heavy metals. We invest heavily in pre- and post-consumer recycling, while our flooring is also BREEAM compliant. Need to clean it? No problem—simply use water. Wave goodbye to harmful chemicals. Find out more.

As a high-tech architectural solution, 2TEC2 is mainly used in public spaces such as offices, healthcare buildings or leisure areas. However, if you want to use it in a private capacity then get in touch. We’ll put you in contact with a trusted installer or architect who can help you with your project.