Discover our new collections: Palma & Alhambra

Welcome to the world of Palma and Alhambra – where nature’s patterns and the vibrant spirit of the Mediterranean come to life in rich and soothing colour palettes.

Ever-unfolding details

Palma’s and Alhambra’s designs are truly exceptional. Their ever-unfolding details are carefully woven together, creating flooring patterns like never seen before. With unparalleled flair, these sophisticated flooring collections effortlessly elevate any hospitality or workspace setting.

Palma invites you to envision the bliss of a holiday retreat, while Alhambra welcomes you with open arms, radiating warmth through refined Moorish flower patterns. These collections bring forth a sense of energy and emotion, truly creating a home away from home’.

Interwoven with nature

Not only the designs are connected to nature, but the material as well: Palma and Alhambra are Bio-based collections.

The compound formulation to make the PVC pellets used in the top layer contains 45% renewable plant-based carbon, replacing virgin fossil-based carbon: a meaningful step forward towards more sustainable flooring options.

2 designs, 10 colours

For Palma and Alhambra, 10 stunning shades were crafted, inspired by fascinating minerals discovered across the globe.

Both designs feature these same 10 hues, resulting in 20 new product references. This allows you to experiment and combine the two collections in the same project, creating a visually stimulating environment.

Discover the Palma collection

Discover the Alhambra collection