Embrace the serene oasis of palm tree leaves beneath your feet
and let their gentle sway evoke a feeling of relaxation and sophistication. 

The complete Palma collection

Tropical Elegance

The Palma Collection captures the essence of tropical elegance, bringing a sense of natural allure to any space. The Latin word palma” holds a rich history and symbolism, originally referring to the palm of the hand as the key to life. Palm branches stood for victory and honour in ancient Rome. Over time, the palm tree became associated with peace, prosperity, and tropical paradise. Its graceful leaves and resilient nature have inspired artists and designers throughout the ages, carrying an exotic whisper of eternal life.


Palma is one of our Bio-based collections. This means that the compound formulation to make the PVC pellets contains 45% renewable plant-based carbon, replacing virgin fossil-based carbon.

Using Bio-based products leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions, toxic waste, and energy and water consumption during production processes.

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Palma exudes warm elegance, beauty, and tranquility, yet is at the same time vibrant and visually engaging. Create a lively space with this refined masterpiece design, crafted by nature.

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