Woven flooring for gym & wellness

Our unique collections offer limitless options to tailor to your needs and enhance the wellbeing of your visitors.

Our boundless selections of beautiful, customisable flooring will elevate your wellness or gym, accentuating the atmosphere you want to display to your visitors. Our flooring solutions are not only elegant and exclusive, but also have a lot of practical benefits. Take a look at them below.

Hygienic & Easy to clean

Our floors are stain-resistant and can be easily cleaned with just water.

Heavy commercial use

2TEC2 floors are ideal for the project market: they are suited for high traffic levels and they are shockproof. Thanks to its long life span, we are confident to offer a guarantee of 15 years.


Our floors have anti-slip properties, which minimises the risk of falling.

SonoFelt 19dB

Our Acoustic backing SonoFelt 19dB reduces impact sound by 19dB and walking noise by 70%. This innovative flooring method is perfect for gyms and wellness centres. Even the loudest footsteps are silenced, allowing everyone to unwind and relax.

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The structure of our flooring keeps dust particles from floating around, so they cannot affect your health. Most of all, unlike a regular carpet, they can be easily vacuumed and removed. We don't use materials that can cause an allergic reaction.


Our floors have anti-slip properties, which minimises the risk of falling.


Our floors obtained the best score in specialised tests. This certifies that 2TEC2 floors do not allow fungi to grow, which makes them an ideal solution for moist environments.

Suitable for disinfection

Our floors are resistant to disinfectants, a necessity in healthcare environments. The yarn's colour intensity is not affected, even after years of maintenance.

Underfoot walking comfort

The underlayer of floorings has an important impact on walking comfort and how knees, feet, and back are affected by steps. 2TEC2's felt underlayer provides extra comfort.


Walking on plastic or carpeted floors creates friction that can make you electrically charged. Thanks to our anti-static additives, we prevent this from happening.
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