Woven flooring for retail & showrooms

Our beautiful, customised flooring will enhance your customer’s shopping experience.

Using high-end and durable materials will help you maintain a clean retail space, allowing your floor to shine even after years of heavy use. Our expansive collection of stylish colours and patterns lets you personalise the look of your retail store or showroom.

Endless design creativity

Our flooring is standard available in tiles, planks and rolls. You can also discover the fun and unique shapes of our Play concept. For bespoke projects, you can create your own design and colour.

Heavy commercial use

2TEC2 floors are ideal for the project market: they are suited for high traffic levels and they are shockproof. Thanks to its long life span, we are confident to offer a guarantee of 15 years.

Hygienic & Easy to clean

Our floors are stain-resistant and can be easily cleaned with just water.

SonoFelt 19dB

Our Acoustic backing SonoFelt 19dB reduces impact sound by 19dB and walking noise by 70%. This innovative flooring method is perfect for retail and showrooms. Even the loudest footsteps will be silenced, allowing your customers to enjoy their shopping experience.

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Acoustic sound absorption

Our acoustic comfort backing SonoFelt provides maximum acoustic wellbeing.


All our floors are fire-retardant. 2TEC2 features a Bfl-s1 classification, the most strict fire class for textile floor covering.


Our floors have anti-slip properties, which minimises the risk of falling.

UV Resistance & Colour fastness

Our floors retain their colours when exposed to UV radiation and heavy foot traffic. This is because our yarns are UV-resistant and coloured to their core.

Raised flooring systems

2TEC2 is the perfect choice for raised flooring systems, keeping easy access to technical installations beneath the floor.

Non-permanent installation

Our tiles are installed with a tackifier adhesive. This makes them stay in place, yet easy to remove, replace or reuse in another space.

Structure & texture

The woven top layer has a textured look and feel. Its 3D jacquard weave is very attractive.

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